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Why hello there! Thanks for stopping by to learn about bees. I’m Maya, the brains and founder of Beeside the Bees. I decided that it was time to connect with my Jewish community in ways that would reach deep into our culture and past to motivate us to participate in current and future endeavors to support suffering bee populations. What better way to educate and spread awareness about these buzzing critters than by sparking interest in the bees’ relationship with Judaism? Click around to learn about how bees are significant to this historic religion and how you can become involved in combating the decline in population numbers.

From coffee to cotton to entire salads and seeds, bees are our little saviors when it comes to human health and access to food, clothes, biodiversity, and scenic views. Without their specialized pollinating talents, humans would face incredible problems with accessing enough food and natural materials required for many items and services that we have grown to rely heavily upon. Tragically, we are seeing that these pollinators are as weak as ever (often due to Colony Collapse Disorder, climate change, and other human disruptions), putting many resources we depend on in jeopardy. We need to do something about this! Visit the page on DIY Bee Boxes so that you, too, can be hands-on in giving the bees a little boost when they buzz around your neighborhood. Every bee counts.

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Community updates:

  • Congratulations to Naveet Kaur (@the.photos.of.earth_) for winning the Beeside the Bees photography and art competition on 2-21-2021! Visit @beeside.the.bees on Instagram to see the two stunning works of photography that promote bees and biodiversity. You will find an uplifting quote by Rabbi Hillel about nature in the caption and some questions to ponder regarding Hillel’s perspective on nature.
  • In the past month Beeside the Bees reached over 350 followers on Instagram. Here’s to our group effort in supporting bees through a Jewish lens!
  • Become more involved in the Beeside the Bees community by submitting your art (via DMs on Instagram or email to info@beesidethebees.com) with a caption about your perspective on how bees have influenced Judaism, religion in general, biodiversity, and humanity.
  • Announcement!! The Beeside the Bees Photography Competition Round 2 is here! For details on how to submit, keep reading or visit @beeside.the.bees on Instagram.
    • To enter the competition, private message @beeside.the.bees on Instagram or email info@beesidethebees.com your original pictures that feature bees. For higher chances of winning, submit up to two (2) photos by Friday, March 12 before midnight. Good luck, and spread the word!
  • We have a winner: Congratulations to Karie Clark for winning the Beeside the Bees Photography Competition! Thank you for using your talents for spreading love to bees and nature — the bees (and humans) appreciate you. Visit @beeside.the.bees on Instagram to look at Karie’s work, and don’t forget to follow us for more updates, informational posts, and community engagement opportunities.
  • Congratulations to Alan Jacobs and Rachael Rosenberg for winning the Beeside the Bees Bee Meme Competition! Visit @beeside.the.bees on Instagram to view their creative and funny memes about bees.
  • Cheers to everyone in the Beeside the Bees community for reaching more than 500 members! Let’s continue to grow our community and spread awareness about bees.

Email (info@beesidethebees.com) or private message us on Instagram (@beeside.the.bees) with any questions, bee-benefiting ideas, contributions ideas, bee-related photography, art, music, articles, or anything else you would like to see up on the website and/or Instagram page.