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Community updates:

  • Congratulations to Naveet Kaur (@the.photos.of.earth_) for winning the Beeside the Bees photography and art competition on 2-21-2021! Visit @beeside.the.bees on Instagram to see the two stunning works of photography that promote bees and biodiversity. You will find an uplifting quote by Rabbi Hillel about nature in the caption and some questions to ponder regarding Hillel’s perspective on nature.
  • In the past month Beeside the Bees reached over 350 followers on Instagram. Here’s to our group effort in supporting bees through a Jewish lens!
  • Become more involved in the Beeside the Bees community by submitting your art (via DMs on Instagram or email to info@beesidethebees.com) with a caption about your perspective on how bees have influenced Judaism, religion in general, biodiversity, and humanity.
  • Stay tuned for more updates about art and photography competitions. Will you be the next winner?